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Welcome to the Climate Town Knowledge Hub, your one-stop shop for important resources in the fight against climate change! This website contains a collection of online resources, initiatives, and tools suggested by the Climate Town Discord community.

Some of the resource tags in the Knowledge Hub are special. These are prefaced with emojis:

  • 📚 Knowledge Hubs: These are initiatives similar to the Climate Town Knowledge Hub. These initiatives curate various lists of climate-related resources, lists which may even be more specific in topic than the list of resources provided here, taking full advantage of the network effect!
  • 🍞 Rollie's Choice: These are resources endorsed by the Climate Town team.
  • ✨ Mod Choice: These are resources endorsed by the moderators of the Climate Town Discord.


A crowdsourced collection of a variety of climate resources. Want to suggest a resource? Please fill out our form or edit on GitHub directly

YouTube Feed

A feed of Climate Town and various other popular climate YouTuber videos, right here in the Knowledge Hub!
YouTube Feed
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